Fat Burner x PILATRE

Let us introduce you your new healthy addiction – PILATRE! Fat Burner can make any physical activity more beneficial and efficient. However there are some training methods that burn more calories than others, thus using Fat Burner will take your calorie loss to a new level.

One of those is this revolutionizing new training method called PILATRE. We all have experienced those dreadful minutes on a treadmill. 30 minutes on a treadmill can feel like forever. And as a result, you only get your cardio done. No more! PILATRE is the world’s first 3C – cardio, core, control – training method developed specially for treadmill. Get your cardio done and give your muscles enough load as well. Subscribe to PILATRE at pilatre.com now to get access to training sessions and get to the closest treadmill now!

As a benefit, using Fat Burner before and during your PILATRE session, you can lose up to 50% more calories! Fat Burner will also provide you with required hydration during your training and give your body necessary C- and B-vitamins. Fat Burner comes in three flavours, so everyone can find their favourite one! Order your Fat Burner online now ↑