Privacy Policy


The following privacy policy is applied by FB Drinks OÜ, registry code: 12384129, legal address: Viljandimaa, Viljandi linn, Kastani tn 1, 71017 (simply “company” from here on).

This privacy policy is directed at clients who use the services of or visit the company’s websites ( or others)

Privacy policy will determine how personal data is collected and processed, the reasons for it and inform the clients on their rights in regard to the collected data.

By continuing to use the website and services, the client accepts the privacy policy and confirms that they have read it, understand it and agree to follow it.

What allows us to process the personal data?

The company collects and processes personal data following the corresponding laws and regulations of the EU and the Republic of Estonia. The extent of data collected and processed depends on the products and services and what is required to provide those.

The company will process personal data on the basis of following:

  • If the client gives such permission
  • If the website requires managing
  • If any authorities have a certain demand

The company has the goal of processing the data accurately, fairly and according to the law. We only process the data for the purpose that those were provided for.

Why do we process data and which data do we process?

Processing of personal data with the purpose of direct marketing

The company processes your personal data with the purpose of direct marketing in following cases:

  • If the client provides clear consent
  • If you are a client of a related company/partner where you have not directly indicated that your personal data cannot be used for direct marketing.

Your personal data can be processed in the following way:

  • E-mail newsletters to provide information on products, services and news
  • Personal offers via e-mail

You can always opt out of receiving newsletters by simply clicking a link at the bottom of each newsletter.

Processing personal data in case of inquiries or other forms of contact

The company processes your personal data in case you contact us directly via e-mail (any of e-mails ending in, phone or social media.

We ask you to protect your personal data in any part of the message by providing only necessary information to fulfill your request of inquiry. For example, if you desire to be contacted via a phone call, please provide your phone number.

The company processes your personal data to answer requests and inquiries, to manage complaints and the website, in case of justified interest by the authorities. Your personal data will be provided to our partners only in case you have given written consent.

Personal data processing on our website

When you are visiting our website, the company processes anonymous data such as your IP-address, MAC-address, visitation date, duration of the visit, visited pages, devices and apps used for the visit etc. The intent is to gather statistics about visitations to improve the services and user experience.

In addition, our webpage uses cookies. Fat Burner online store uses cookies. Cookie is a small text file that the website saves to the user’s web browser. Cookies are used to gather information about how the client uses the Fat Burner online store with the goal of offering a better service.

Which sources do we use to gather your personal data?

The company gathers data that the clients insert on the webpage when they use our products and services. Data may become present, when the client uses services, for example contacts the company via a call or a SMS, sends and e-mail, contacts via social media or uses the webpage.

How long do we process and preserve the personal data?

We do not preserve your personal data longer than it is necessary to carry through the processes presented in this privacy policy.

Personal data gathered with the purpose of direct marketing is preserved until the client requests it to be deleted.

Your personal data will be preserved longer in following cases:

  • If there are justified reasons to believe that any illegal actions have occurred
  • If your data is required to carry through any negotiations
  • If we have received any complaints related to a user or have noticed any violations
  • If any backups are needed to reassure the proper function of the website
  • If there are any reasons deriving from the laws

In which cases and to which third parties is personal data distributed to?

The company does not distribute your personal data unless you have provided written consent or there is a specific case described below.

We can forward your personal data to third parties if they aid us in providing our services. Such partners are database managers, database software providers, server or cloud service providers. In all cases we will provide the partners with only necessary information to fulfill specific tasks.

All our partners are allowed to process the provided data only under guidelines specified by the company. In addition, they must follow secure processing rules set out in laws and regulations.

Personal data can be distributed to authorities such as police and tax authorities, but only if a certain request is made and only if the request is made according to all regulations.

Personal data can be processed if any analytical tools (for example Google Analytics) is used for the purpose of determining how the website is used by the clients. In this case we may share the data that has been made anonymous with third parties that help to improve our website and apps through analytical activities.

Data security

The company is continuously working on keeping the data securely and improving its security processes. Our goal is to preserve the data according to the regulations and prevent it from being misused or stolen.

Your personal data (name, last name, e-mail address and other data included in the content of the e-mails) may be shared with third party partners, who the company has entered a contract into to maintain the security of the IT systems. Their goal must be to secure all sensitive data in the name of the company and act if any misuse has occurred.

Your rights in terms of processing of personal data

As a client you have the right to request information about your personal data any time by submitting a request at You cannot request data if such action is forbidden by the law.

The client has the right to withdraw the acceptance to use their personal data any time unless the use of data is permitted by the law. The withdrawal does not affect any actions takes prior to the request of withdrawal.

If the client finds that their personal data has not been processed according to the law, they have the right to demand the company to stop processing their personal data and their personal data to be deleted. Please contact to do so or contact Andmekaitseinspetsioon (

Contacting us

If you have any questions related to your personal data and how it is processed, please feel free to contact us via:

Other conditions

The company may change the privacy policy any time. The company will publish new privacy policy on its website and highlights the made changes with the dates these were made. The clients understand that by continuing to use the website, they agree with the changed privacy policy. If any of the statements made in the privacy policy are not compliant with the law, it does not affect the legality of the rest of the privacy policy.