How to order

Placing the order

You can place an order to the Fat Burner online store without registering as a user. It is possible to purchase as a private customer as well as a company.

Finding the products and placing them in the cart

You can find all the products by selecting Store from the menu. All available products can be found from the Store. By clicking on the product, you can get more information about the product. You will also be presented with the price and delivery options. By pushing „Add to cart “, the selected products will be added to the cart in the selected quantities. Then you can either keep selecting other products or head to the cart for checkout.

Overview of the cart and adjusting the quantities

To check the content of the cart, move to the cart icon in the right upper hand corner. By hovering on the icon, a quick view of the content of the cart is presented. You can remove items from the cart, move on to detailed overview of the cart or head straight to payment.

By clicking on the cart icon, you will be taken to a detailed view. Use + and – signs to adjust the quantities of the products. If you want to remove any of the products from the cart, simply click on the x in front of the row. If you have made any changes to the cart, clock “Update the cart” before going forward. If you want to keep choosing the products, click on the button “Back to the store”.

If you are satisfied with the content of the cart, then you can see the total cost in the right column. Then you can choose a suitable delivery option and the transportation cost will be added to the total sum. If you have a promotional code, you can insert at the bottom of the column and press “Use the code”. The total cost will be recalculated according to the promotional code inserted. If you agree with the content and cost of the cart, you can move forward by pressing “Checkout”.

You will be taken to a page, where you can insert your information. You can purchase as a business client by making a corresponding choice.


Fat Burner online store has both bank links as well as credit card payment options. All transactions are done through Maksekeskus AS.

If you have completed your payment, please click “Return to the vendor” button if you see such one. Without returning to the vendor, the payment might go through, but it is possible that the online store does not complete your purchase and we will not receive the necessary data to complete the purchase.

Before heading to payment, please read through and accept the sales terms and privacy policy.

The payment is completed outside of Fat Burner’s website. Fat Burner does not have access to client’s banking or credit card information.


You can choose your delivery method yourself. You can make your choice in the first stage of the checkout. Once a delivery option is chosen, you will be presented with the cost.

Currently we offer delivery by Itella Smartpost parcel terminals or SmartKuller courier service. If you have a desire to use another delivery method, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do. All costs of delivery are presented at checkout before committing to the purchase and depend on the quantity and destination of the parcel.

If you purchase more than 5 blocks of products, please contact us directly as you get a personal approach to the delivery as well as have an opportunity to get a discount.

Subscription based order

In order to make the client’s life more comfortable, it is possible to subscribe to Fat Burner products as well. You simply choose the products you desire to be delivered regularly and select the frequency of the order. Once you complete the payment, the order details will be saved in our database and the following orders will be delivered to you regularly and payment deducted automatically. You can always cancel your subscription by writing sales@fbdrinks.ee

Fulfilling the order

We will begin to fulfil your order once you have completed the checkout and paid for the whole order. Once you have completed the checkout, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail containing the details of the order.

Once the order is fulfilled, we will send you an invoice-waybill. If any of the information on it is incorrect, please contact info@fbdrinks.ee.

Cancelling the order

You can cancel your order before the goods have been sent out from our location. In order to do so, contact info@fbdrinks.ee immediately and forward us all the details regarding the order. You will then be contacted to arrange a refund.

Returning the products

According to the Law of Obligations Act Paragraph 53 Section 4, perishable goods are non-refundable. Therefore, Fat Burner does not accept returns.

Sales terms

    • Following sales terms apply when purchasing from the Fat Burner online store at fatburner.ee. The seller of the products is FB Drinks OÜ, address Viljandimaa, Viljandi linn, Kastani tn 1, 71017, registry code 12384129, e-mail address info@fbdrinks.ee. Sales terms regulate the legal relations between the seller and clients.
    • The seller has the right to change the sales terms by presenting those at fatburner.ee. If the client makes a purchase before the new version of sales terms is published, the previous version of sales terms will be applicable.
    • Client can save and print the sales terms before completing a purchase.
    • When using Fat Burner online store in any different language, the sales terms will be presented in a corresponding language. If translation derivate from each other, the Estonian version will be applicable.
    • Client agrees to sales terms when placing an order in the online store.
    • All images used in Fat Burner online store are illustrative.
    • You can reach Fat Burner customer service at info@fbdrinks.ee or +37256251786. Customer service is available from Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 (GMT+2) (except on public holidays)
    • It is possible to place an order in Fat Burner online store as a private or business customer. Placing the order does not require registering.
    • Client selects the products from the online store and places those in the cart.
    • Client will choose the delivery method.
    • Client will confirm the order and complete the payment using one of the options available. Client will confirm that the products and quantities are according to their wish.
    • Once the payment is completed, the client must press the button “Return to the vendor”.
    • If the order is confirmed, the client will receive an automatic e-mail with all the details and confirmation of the order.
    • The seller will begin to fulfil the order once the client has confirmed and paid for the order in full. Once the order is fulfilled, the client will receive an invoice-waybill. If any mistakes are discovered, the client must contact info@fbdrinks.ee
    • The seller has the right to determine the minimum and maximum quantities for the order.
    • The seller has the right to refuse to take the order by informing the client of doing so and including the reasons why. If the seller refuses to fulfil the order, the client is entitled to a full refund.
    • All product prices are presented in euros and include VAT.
    • All product prices are presented in the Fat Burner online store. If the prices change after a purchase is made, the client is entitled to receive the products for the price that was presented during their purchase.
    • Client will pay for the products upfront and by using one of the payment methods available. A transaction fee might be added to the order cost depending on the client’s agreement with the financial service provider. All payments are made outside of Fat Burner online store in a secure environment – payments via a bank link are processed in a corresponding bank and payments via a credit card are processed in Maksekeskus AS. The seller does not have direct access to client’s payment information.
    • Depending on the delivery method chosen, a delivery fee will be added to the cost.
    • Clients can also opt for a subscription-based order. In this case the client will select desired products and quantities and the frequency of delivery. The rest of the ordering process is same as when making a one-time purchase. Once the subscription is confirmed, the client will receive the products according to their subscription and payment is made automatically. Subscription can be cancelled any time by writing info@fbdrinks.ee
    • All orders are by default sent using Itella Smartpost. Client can choose between Itella Smartpost parcel terminals or SmartKuller courier service.
    • Itella Smartpost as a delivery method
      • In order to receive the order via Itella Smartpost parcel terminal, client must choose the delivery method, choose a suitable parcel terminal and insert a mobile number, where the delivery code will be sent to.
      • In order to receive the order via SmartKuller, client must submit a delivery address.
      • The delivery cost will be calculated according to the selected delivery method and quantity of products.
      • If SmartKuller is selected as a delivery method, SmartKuller will contact the client to set up a delivery time.
    • Checking the products and liability for damages
      • Upon receiving the order, the client must check the products and their compatibility with the waybill. If any of the products are not corresponding or there are any damages, the client must contact the customer service of Fat Burner.
      • The liability for damages and loss of goods will be transferred to the client upon delivery.
    • If the client has any requests related to delivery or wish to use another method, they can contact info@fbdrinks.ee
    • The seller will guarantee that the client data is processed according to the law, protected using necessary actions and used only for reasons it was gathered for.
    • The seller processes client’s personal data for following reasons:
      • To fulfil the order made in Fat Burner online store
      • To maintain customer relationships of Fat Burner
      • To answer client inquiries
      • In case of justified interest
      • To analyse client behaviour
      • To compile sales data
      • To manage and develop the services of Fat Burner online store
    • The seller will impose all measures (including administrative, technical and physical) to protect client’s personal data. Only authorised personnel will have access to this data.
    • Upon purchasing from the Fat Burner online store, the client must provide their first and last name, e-mail address, phone number and address if delivery is made to a specific location, rather than a parcel terminal.
    • All client personal data will be preserved unless the client requests for those to be deleted.
    • The client has the right to request access to their personal data, request to make edits to it or to be deleted completely.
    • The seller has right to analyse client personal data with the aim to understand the client better and thus offer better services.
    • FB Drinks OÜ is the data processor of client data gathered in the Fat Burner online store. FB Drinks OÜ has the right to authorise the co-operative partners of the Fat Burner online store to use the client data necessary to offer services of the online store. All authorised personnel are required to follow confidentiality rules when processing personal data.
    • If the client finds that their personal data has been misused, they are asked to contact FB Drinks OÜ via info@fbdrinks.ee or contact representative authorities.
    • Fat Burner online store uses cookies. Cookie is a small text file that the website saves to the user’s web browser. Cookies are used to gather information about how the client uses the Fat Burner online store with the goal of offering a better service.
    • Fat Burner online store uses the following cookies
      • Session cookies to permit the usage of the online store
      • Permanent cookies to record the client’s choices when using the Fat Burner online store.
      • First and third party cookies to present the client with carefully selected online commercials
      • Third party analytical cookies to optimize marketing communication.
    • The client can delete or block the saved cookies from their devices anytime. Refusal to not use cookies might result in the online store not functioning properly and/or parts of the online store not be visible to the client.
    • In addition to the analytical cookies, Fat Burner online store uses pixels (pixel tags, web-beacons) to analyse the use of fatburner.ee website. No personal data is being processed during this.
    • The client has the right to cancel the order if the products have not been shipped out yet. In this case, the client must inform the customer service via e-mail on info@fbdrinks.ee
    • If the client does not inform the customer service before the products have been shipped out, then no refunds will be made.
    • If the client informs the customer service in time and refund is granted, the refund will be made in 14 days. The client will provide the seller with necessary banking details.
    • In case the seller does not fulfil their responsibilities, the client has the right to demand fulfilling the responsibilities, refuse from making the payment, demand the damages to be compensated for, the price be deducted, overdue charge be paid or cancel the order.
    • The seller is liable for the compliance of the products until the products are delivered to the client.
    • Complains of non-compliable products are to be sent to info@fbdrinks.ee. Complaint must include the client’s name and contact information, the date of the complaint, fault of the product, request for compensation and proof of purchase.
    • The seller is not liable if the client has provided faulty information for deliveries or if the delivery is suspended for unforeseeable reasons.
    • The seller is not liable if the products are not used according to the instructions.
    • If any arguments arise between the seller and the client, the arguments will be resolved in negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the client has right to contact Tarbijakaitseamet (Pronksi 12, Tallinn 10117, http://www.tarbijakaitseamet.ee) and tarbijavaidluste komisjoni (Pronksi 12, Tallinn 10117, http://www.komisjon.ee) or Harju Maakohtusse.