L-carnitine, BCAA or caffeine – which one to choose?

Fitness and sports drinks world is pretty wide and the selection can get anyone confused. There are drinks that promise to lose weight. There are ones that give you strength and vitamins. Some simply give you extra energy. Unfortunately some do nothing even though promises are grand. This selection can be difficult to navigate without doing scientific research. It can be even more difficult to find the suitable one for you.

The easiest way to begin your selection process is to simply define why you want to use a sports/fitness drinks. There can be a number of reasons – to lose weight, to gain muscle, to hydrate, to keep the vitamin levels, to gain extra energy. There is a fitness drink for every purpose and choosing a right one based on its active ingredient may indeed help you with your goals.

When talking about fitness drinks, many of those can be placed into one of three categories – caffeine based, BCAA based and L-carnitine based. All three have benefits and all three can help you achieve certain goals. However majority of people cannot make the difference between those three.

Caffeine based fitness drinks – currently the most widespread fitness drinks on the market. These are an easy fix when you lack energy before a workout. As caffeine makes a person more alert and present, then it can help with making a workout seem less difficult. However, as caffeine elevates heart rate, then it can be too much for you during a cardio workout.

BCAA based fitness drinks – these fitness drinks have gained popularity in recent years. You might often see fitness influencers with a can of it, so their popularity has peaked thank to great marketing. However, it is not all talk and no benefit. BCAA, which stands for branched-chain amino acids, is great for muscle gain. It activates certain processes in body that stimulates the process of making muscles. And once your workout is done, it prevents muscle soreness to some extent. However, BCAA works best during long-duration workouts.

L-carnitine fitness drinks – this is the category where GRAM® comes to play as L-carnitine is the main active ingredient in GRAM®. It does not give you any extra energy, but instead encourages your body to produce energy from your own fats. It is perfect for any kind of physical activity and does not take long to start working. During your physical activity you will feel the effects as you are more likely to sweat. However, using drinks like GRAM® will not have an effect if you are not physically active and as your body can absorb only a certain amount of L-carnitine each day, do not go crazy with consuming it.

So before heading to the fitness drinks counter next time and grabbing the first available fitness drink, consider your goals for using the drink. That way you can be certain that you are not wasting money on products that do not lead you closer to your goals.