Inside of Fat Burner

Fat Burner has a unique combination of ingredients. No other sports/fitness drink is as healthy as Fat Burner. It is not filled with numerous artificial ingredients or unpronounceable compounds. Instead, Fat Burner consists of ingredients that most have heard of. Let us introduce the three most important ingredients:


The main ingredient in Fat Burner is of course water that is the basis for all life. It is generally recommended for an adult to daily consume about 2 liters of water. In addition to maintaining the level of fluids, fluid consumption can support other bodily functions as well.

Consuming Fat Burner does not only give you your required fluids, but also provide you with necessary nutrients that speed your metabolism and give you your daily dose of vitamins. However, we have not forgotten the main ingredient that is water. Fat Burner does not have any regular filtered water, but high quality water from the well of Holstre.


Green tea has been known for the man for thousands of years. The love of green tea originates from China and during the early days, green tea was the drink of the wealthy. After the British colonization of Asia in the 18th century the Chinese monopoly of tea was demolished, and green tea was popularized globally. With the increasing popularity of healthy lifestyle choices, green tea has become especially popular in Europe and America. More and more scientific research is being published on the positive effects of green tea. Various research has found that green tea can protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as different types of cancer. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory and enhances the effect of some medications.In addition to preventative qualities, green tea supports fat brining. For that exact reason green tea extract has been added to Fat Burner. Scientific research has proven that green tea extract increases fat breakdown in liver, thus providing muscles with more energy and increase in performance. Not to forget the flavor of green tea that dominates the flavors of Fat Burner.


L-carnitine is a natural amino acid, which produced by human body as well as found in different foods. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. L-carnitine’s main function is to help the body turn fat into energy. If the body has L-carnitine deficiency, it inhibits organism’s fat burning, which is where Fat Burner comes into play. When consuming Fat Burner in addition to having a balanced diet, we maintain the required level of L-carnitine in the system, thus making any physical activity more active.