GRAM® x Sportlio

GRAM® is sincerely glad to announce cooperation with sports’ community Sportlio. Sportlio is Estonian-developed sports’ website that has gathered together athletes, sports fans and companies who support them. It’s the easiest way to track the latest of your favourite athlete – what are they doing, what have they accomplished and where do they aim to reach.

Why did we decide to collaborate with Sportlio?

GRAM® is making a powerful comeback on our local Estonian market. This has lead us to a situation, where we are looking for new opportunities in terms of collaborations and sponsorships. We love being part of the local sports arena and would love to offer more in return. Therefore we are open to new sponsorship applications. We would be happy to support outstanding success-oriented young athletes. If you envision a collaboration with us, write down your ideas and send us you application through Sportlio.

We would love to take GRAM® further than Estonia and offer its benefits to athletes and sports fans globally. If you have an idea who would be perfect to represent us on another market or if you want to do it yourself, do not hesitate to write us!